Mindfulness, health & wellbeing

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness, Health & Well-being in the Workplace

‘Mindfulness’ has been growing in popularity over recent years as we seek to create a more centred and connected approach to life, with many benefits to physical and mental health being reported.
Stemming from Buddhist traditions, mindfulness has been adapted over the last 40 years and combined with modern psychological theory, which now delivers the principles of mindfulness through secular training in the workplace.

With the growing demands and pressures that businesses and employees find themselves facing in today’s economic world, the need for mindfulness in the workplace is becoming more and more recognised. Reports have found that the leading cause of absenteeism is due to mental ill health (often presenting as stress) which accounts for a whopping 70 million sick days per year.

As a result, some of today’s leading companies have since implemented mindfulness programmes as a means of combating these figures, increasing employee resilience and promoting a culture of creativity and innovation. A proven recipe for success for the likes of Google, Apple and Amazon!

Mindfulness at work explores 7 core themes:

-Promoting self-esteem
-Mindfulness in the workplace
-Dealing with emotions
-Mindfulness and health
-Problem solving through mindfulness
-Improving relationships
-Mindful living

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