Mindfulness, health & wellbeing

Why Choose a Mindful Workplace?

Organisations of today are faced with many difficulties that can put their employees and management under pressure. With increasingly unstable economic conditions, more competition and often staff being required to take on extra work, not to mention industry changes that demand taking in large volumes of information in a short space of time. This often leads to employees experiencing their working environment as overwhelming and stressful.
With figures from the Health and Safety Executive reporting that work-related stress costs the country over £530 million per year, resulting in 9.9 million working days lost to stress related sick leave, finding effective mays to manage this issue and seek out preventative measures would hugely benefit both organisations and their employees.
Offices experiencing stressful working environments generally see an increase of:

  • high levels of absenteeism
  • arguments and conflict between staff
  • an increase in grievances and complaints
  • higher staff turnover

With our stress response more likely to be in over-drive, we are often less connected to ourselves and are in danger of operating in ‘auto pilot’, giving less thought to our actions and responses. This can have consequences for our work and for those around us, as we become less focused and less patient with people.
By working with a more mindful approach, we can use tools and techniques to quickly bring us out of a stressed state and back into a calm and centred space, where we are better able to navigate through the challenges we encounter during the working day.

Mindfulness Gets to the Heart of the Issue

Many progressive businesses understand that the most effective way to deal with stress is to focus on the internal pressures we experience, which greatly influence our stress levels. They have an awareness that the thoughts and feelings employees experience during stressful situations can be big triggers for creating more stress and anxiety.
By using mindfulness, you can re-train the mind to become more skilful in dealing with workplace challenges. When we become more mindful we can understand and recognise that undergoing stressful situations can knock us off balance, but we do have the ability to centre ourselves and access our inner stability and resilience.

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is perfectly designed to empower employees to become more aware and skilled at working with their internal stress triggers. By doing this people experience greater levels of contentment, have more focus and can manage tasks with enthusiasm, which results in higher levels of productivity. Teaching staff mindful techniques helps to create mindful individuals and teams which leads to more successful businesses.
Mindfulness skills have shown to have a positive impact on office dynamics, where employees experience higher levels of well-being, resilience and job satisfaction. Research and statistics reveal that mindfulness brings many benefits to an organisation, where you can expect mindfulness training to produce:

• improved levels of psychological coping
• greater ability to manage stress, depression and anxiety
• decrease in health-related absenteeism
• an increase in levels of emotional intelligence
• greater enthusiasm and staff productivity
• higher levels of personal resilience
• increased self-awareness
• enhanced communication skills
• improved concentration and attention span
• a greater capacity to retain and act on information
• greater creativity, innovation and ability to problem solve
• elevated levels of health and well-being
• ability to maintain work-life balance
• better sleeping patterns

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